Sometimes the best description of our services comes from the letters received by clients, their families and the retirement communities we serve.  We’d like to share some of these letters with you.

From our clients…

… I want you to know what a superb job (you did) of coordinating my move and packing all my many things.  Every time we opened a box, all the right things were right in place -- just wonderful.  Thank you again for your excellent help.  My son was so impressed, and also sends his thanks.
Blessings, Maxine (moved out of state)

… It was a joy to have you and your crew making life easier for me!
Thanks and warm regards, Bob (moved to a retirement community)

… Thank you -- I love it all!  The way you placed all my treasures and left the lights on for me.  I went to dinner, and came home to a beautiful apartment.  Now, I am just anxious for my kids to drop by! 
Carmel (moved to a retirement community)

From the families...

… Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!  I get real satisfaction in seeing someone doing something so well and succeeding in her business.  Thank you!  Glad to be a referral anytime I can.
Robert (son of a client)

… You provide such a miraculous service for people who don‘t know where to turn.  I am always and forever grateful to you.
Barbara (daughter of a client)

… On behalf of my mom, and our entire family, I want to thank you and Sharon for your help in making Mom’s move to The Forum so smooth.  What a great service you provide.  We so appreciate your time, resources and attention to detail.
Sincerely, Kristy (daughter of a client)

… thank you for all your help.  You made things so easy, and you were fun to work with.  We really appreciate all you did.
         Mimi (granddaughter of a client)

… I can’t begin to express my deep appreciation for your helpful service during my parents’ move.  You are knowledgeable and efficient and very diplomatic.  We could not have done it without you.  I will be sure to spread the word among my friends and would be happy to serve as a referral for you.
Margy (daughter of a client)

From retirement communities...

… We know our clients are in good hands and their moves will go smoothly when Linda is involved.  We consistently hear our clients comment about her attention to the details, her patience and professionalism.  As well as, “she made it seem easy.”  We all know that an easy move only happens when there’s a well-organized move plan.
Jill, retirement counselor

… You’re the best…I’m so grateful we get to offer your services and have my clients make the transition so much easier.  When I know you’re involved…I don’t even give it a second thought!  I know they’ll be taken care of and be thrilled about how much easier everything was than they expected!  Thank you!!
Mendi, retirement counselor

… Thank you doesn’t quite seem appropriate for all you do both for us and our residents.  You truly never cease to amaze us!  You make us shine!  Thank you!
Debbie, retirement counselor

A long letter from a family member, but so heartfelt we want to share it...

… You and your company, Gentle Changes, have been a blessing to me.  First, in organizing and completing the 2004 move of my parents in Leawood, KS, to a retirement community.  They could not have done it without help, help I could not have provided from 1,300 miles away.

You put me at ease from our first conversation on the phone.  Immediately, I could tell that you are a caring and professional person.  You made it as easy as humanly possible for my parents, who knew they had to move, but were upset about leaving their home and memories.

You should be proud of the work you did based on my father’s comment about what it was like walking in the door of their new apartment.  “It was home.”  He was thrilled that the books were on the bookcase, the bed was made, their clothes were in the closet, the dishes were in the cupboards and not a single packing box left.  There was nothing they needed to do but settle in amongst their own furnishings and artwork.

Then in January of this year you came to my rescue again under even more stressful circumstances.  Both of my parents and one of my brothers passed away.  The idea of distributing their possessions and clearing out two apartments while grief stricken (and still far away) was incomprehensible to me.  The night I woke up thinking “Gentle Changes” I knew you would be able to help me come up with a plan and get it executed.   You did an amazing job.

When the snow and ice storms wreaked havoc with the schedule and I needed to get back to Florida, I felt confident leaving you to bring everything to completion.  You organized sending some prized possessions to multiple locations, distributed clothing and furniture to charity, cleaned, arranged for appropriate vendors and services, and surrendered the keys to Kingswood.  All in your friendly and professional way.

Again, thank you for everything.  I rave about Gentle Changes to everyone I know.

Sincerely, Bonnie