About Us

Gentle Changes provides clients and their extended families with the information, support and management that will make moving a positive and successful experience.  We recognize that each move is unique, and tailor a Move Management Plan to best meet the needs of each individual client, addressing both the emotional and practical needs of the move.

Experience and Understanding
Linda Scardino, native Kansas Citian and founder of Gentle Changes is no stranger to the seniors community. As a graduate of the University of Kansas (Lawrence), Linda's career has been entirely dedicated to helping seniors live successfully. Over a decade of Linda's experiences are within the retirement community enviornment; including developing and directing activities, public relations and marketing, as well as management. It was during those years of close interactions with seniors that she saw a profound need for professional yet compassionate assistance for older people transitioning in their lives. She began Gentle Changes to provide hands-on supportive services to seniors, and to minimize the complexity and stress that is often associated with moving.

Linda has continued to gently and professionally move thousands of seniors in the Kansas City area. She cannot think of a better way to live and work in her community.

A Compassionate Approach
In today's busy world it is often difficult for family members to find the time to help mom and dad prepare for a move. The process of sorting through a lifetime of accumulation requires time, patience and a sensitivity to the need for reminiscing. There is often a story to be told, and a need to share it. The staff of Gentle Changes brings a positive and patient approach that provides an enjoyable work enviornement and yields the necessary progress. We know that an enormous amount of tension and emotion come with a move at this time in a person's life, and we are very good at dealing within those dynamices, and handling all the other details.

Positive Outcomes
Making the move into a retirement community can lead to very healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but the process of getting there can be overwhelming.  This lifestyle offers many rewards and positives, but if the process of moving becomes too much, many older adults will remain in their homes even in unsafe conditions.

Our services are designed to provide peace of mind through the entire moving process, and our clients enter their new home knowing that the smallest of details has been taken care of for them.  Our approach is based on the knowledge that patience and tenderness, sensitivity to the family circle, and a very practical, professional attitude, will make moving to a retirement community, assisted living or care facility a gentle transition, and not an overwhelming experience.